Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Time Efficiency Vertical Jump Workout

The Time Efficiency Workout

This workout is for the person short on time who wants to commit to a full program but doesnt have a lot of time to train.  It requires a little more than an hour of total training time per week and is broken down into 2 sessions per week.  The first session is dedicated to plyometric drills and the 2nd session is dedicated to weights along with a couple of plyometric drills.  This is an ideal training split for those who have busy
schedules or those who are in the middle of a sporting season and also have to contend with practices, games, etc. The workouts can be performed on any day, just as long as there are at least 2 complete rest days in between each workout.

Donkey ankle
3 x 20
1 minute rest between sets
Knees to chest
tuck jump
4 x 8
2 minutes rest between sets – aim for maximum effort and
Lunge Jumps
4 x 5/leg
Alternate legs back and forth making sure to descend into a
deep lunge position prior to each jump – 2 minutes rest between sets
3 steps + jump
for height
5 x 4
Pick a high object and take 3 steps and try to touch it.
Jump off of both legs.  Rest 15-20 seconds between each jump and 2 minutes between sets
40 yard sprints
4 sets
3 minutes rest between sets – ideally time each sprint

Session #1

4 x 6-8
Perform at least 2 lighter warm-up sets prior to counting the
work sets.  Start off with a weight you can lift for a maximum of 7 reps and try to complete all 4 sets with the same weight for at least 6 reps – At first you shouldnt be able to do this but increase the weight whenever you can.  Rest 3 minutes between

Session #2

Leg curl or
glute ham
4 x 6-8
Perform in the same fashion as the squats – Rest 2 minutes
between sets
Box Squat
4 x 5
Perform 2 sets jumping up and 2 sets jumping out – Use a light
load by holding light dumbbells (10-20 lbs) in each hand – rest
2 minutes between each set
4 x 4
Use a moderately high box (18-30 inches) Aim for maximum
concentration and motivation prior to each jump – rest 2-3 minutes between each set and 15-20 seconds between jumps